Interviewing a Deaf/Hard of hearing candidates

Are you interviewing a deaf/hard of hearing candidate online? Deaf people can communicate by speech, sign language or both. Before the interview starts, check if they require an interpreter or captions and do they require a video call? Some deaf people rely on lip reading, so face to face interview might be needed.

A few things to know about captions. Most video call applications have auto captions but they can be hit and miss. Sometimes, captions may be mis-translated due to unclear communication or strong accents. You can enable captions on your side so you can see what’s being relayed to the candidate.

Most video call applications allows candidates to switch captions on their side. However, if you are using Zoom, the options for captions can only be enabled by the host of the video call. The candidate may not be able to understand you without captions. Please check your options in Zoom to enable captions.